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The Regent’s Park, April 2011

It is high time to update the blog and catch up with last year’s garden visits so that I am not completely behind once it’s time to start this year’s visits. Last April I investigated The Regent’s Park, which is … Continue reading

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York Museum Gardens, March 2011

When I was in York I had a chance to visit the Museum Gardens. On the banks of the River Ouse, the Museum Gardens contain Roman, Medieval, Tudor, and Victorian-era buildings. The gardens themselves aren’t so much formal, geometric beds … Continue reading

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Hampstead Heath, March 2011

Hampstead Heath isn’t so much a garden as a park. And it isn’t so much a park as a London institution, with one of the best vantage points from which to view the city. I went on what turned out … Continue reading

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Natural vs. Unnatural: Brussels, October 2010

Are gardens natural? Are they art? Can they be both? Gardens are only so because they are placed inside borders, separating us from the wilds beyond. Left alone, they will go back to their wild “natural” state. But we like … Continue reading

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