About Walking the Labyrinth

Garden mazes and labyrinths are sometimes interchangeable, but I like to think of mazes as fun, a puzzle to be solved, and labyrinths as meditative experiences, a path to follow that isn’t about the destination but the journey. Doing a PhD is a mix of both: it can be fun and frustrating and maddening and methodical. I think that, in the end, I will see that it is the journey and not the destination that was important: what I learned and experienced will inform what I have become.

This blog is a record of the gardens I have and will visit while doing my PhD in England. I’m a creative writing student, studying gardening history of the past 400 years while looking into how gardens are used in fantasy novels. I’ll be writing a fantasy novel that takes place in a garden over 400 years as well as a shorter dissertation that analyzes my process and looks into the themes that surround gardens. So it’ll be a mix: pretty pictures accompanying rambling thoughts and ideas and references and even some theory. If it didn’t sound so Mister Rogers, I’d say, “So follow me on my journey through the labyrinth.”

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