The Regent’s Park, April 2011

It is high time to update the blog and catch up with last year’s garden visits so that I am not completely behind once it’s time to start this year’s visits.

Last April I investigated The Regent’s Park, which is where I took the photo for the blog’s header.

The gates give you a clue to what's inside...

One thing I've noticed about parks here (as compared to those in the states) is how organic they seem. Rather than a square afterthought, forced into a planned neighborhood or as part of the landscape around an office building, and with a pond that is gated off, the parks here have grown with the surrounding streets and buildings. Perhaps it's their shape: not perfectly round, not perfectly square. They have a 'natural' geometry.

Paths force people to view the park and it's gardens in a certain order or from a specific vantage point.

This section of the park had smaller gardens, like rooms off to the sides of the path, each with a particular color or flower theme.

The rose gardens were extensive, and I had meant to visit again later in the season to see it all in bloom. I'm planning to make it back this year, in May or June, to see how the blooms look on these rope swags, gently looped from pole to pole.

I love the contrast of the clean lines of box & topiary with the wildness of the flowers planed inside the lines. It's formal, sure, yet feels like nature barely contained.

Wild fountains with mythical beings belong in gardens. They make sense there, as if they're the actual characters, frozen in time, waiting for the magical hour when they can come to life and re-enact their stories among the trees.

Not actually found IN the park! But Regent's Park abuts the London Zoo, and I saw these beauties on my walk out (their housing is open to the back of the zoo/the street). Also, giraffes are awesome!

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